Y-club enters jam-packed conference season


Avery Rondinelli


Manual’s award-winning delegation at the 2014 KYA conference

Following a successful run at the Kentucky Youth Assembly, Manual’s Y-club is preparing its members for their next conference, the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA), coming just a month after KYA.

After a cancellation of the conference caused by weather, the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) was rescheduled from December to February. The sudden change of date caused many of the conference’s attendees to suffer. “We weren’t able to utilize the [state] Capitol building for debate this year,” said Jenna Farineau (12, VA), the club’s president. “Many students and other schools had to drop out because of overlapping events. Everyone was out of their groove.”

Despite the circumstances of the conference, Manual’s Y-club excelled in nearly every field. The entire delegation was awarded Best Bill Packet. Ellie Baker (11, HSU) was awarded the title of Attorney General for her work in the judicial department, and Andi Dahmer (11, YPAS) was awarded Solicitor General for her outstanding work as a lobbyist. Two media awards and outstanding speaker awards were also awarded to various students. “I’m really proud of our delegation,” said Dahmer, “this was one of the most close-knit groups I have been with at any Y conference.”

By far the biggest honor of all was awarded to Louise Atherton (11, HSU), who was elected by the majority of the attendants to serve as the Governor of next year’s KYA conference. Ben Boutell (9, HSU) was also elected to serve as the Premier Speaker of the Senate.

The delay of KYA is also causing headaches in Y-Club because KUNA, the second most-attended conference, will be held on schedule at the beginning of March. “KUNA is a conference where students come together to discuss international issues,” said Farineau, who will also serve as the Secretary General of the conference. “It’s been really hard to focus on planning the conference while getting the club ready and focusing on my school work, plus all of the extra things that I do.” KUNA will start on March 9th.