Student Senate announces plan to reduce underage drinking

Student Senate announces plan to reduce underage drinking

Ian Johnson

Last week, the duPont Manual Student Senate presented its alcohol prevention proposal to Principal Mayes, recommending the drunk driving awareness program Cinema Drive for the school.

Mayes has approved the program, and the date is likely to be set in the week after spring break.

The program, which involves a 3D motion video presentation and an interactive quiz afterwards, is available in two options, costing $2,500 to $3,500 , depending on the number of JCPS schools that participate.

“I felt that I had walked into some substance and alcohol abuse problems and because of the excessiveness, in my eyes, I challenged Student Senate to come up with a solution,” said Mayes. “This was all student led, and student driven, which is something I’m proud of.”

The program claims to “take viewers on a virtual tour of the human nervous system and replicate distortions in communication and malformation in making decisions.”

Student Senator Emily Wilbar (12,HSU) took up the challenge from Mayes and along with Ben Cooper, led the Committee for Alcohol Prevention.

“I discovered Cinema Drive while at a conference a few months ago,” said Wilbar. “It had the appeal because it didn’t scare and it didn’t preach; it just presented facts and spoke to students as adults.”

A press release was released to other schools in attempt to lower the cost earlier today. No other schools have expressed interest, according to Wilbar.