WiSE Club holds expo for elementary schoolers


WiSE members discuss how they solved the math problems.

Margo Morton

Sixty fifth-grade girls attended the 12th annual Women in Science and Engineering Expo held by Manual’s WiSE club at LG&E on March 27. The club aimed to increase female interest in math, science and engineering.

“It’s not as boring and intimidating as it seems to be,” Emily Zeng (12) said.

The attendees rotated among four different activities and listened to two guest speakers, both female engineers. The activities were “Candy Crush,” where students made towers out of pretzels, toothpicks, and candy; math games; making bouncing bubbles out of water, dish soap and glycerin; and scientific bingo.

Allison Hoagland (12) helped lead the Candy Crush activity.

“I want to inspire and introduce [the girls] to science. This lets them know it’s not a ‘boy’ thing,” Hoagland said.

WiSE club is sponsored by Ms. Kathleen Fries in room 313.