Manual offers Linear Algebra course


Travis Ryan

The SBDM committee has approved a new, upper-level Mathematics course, Linear Algebra, will be taught next year by Mr. Corey Doak next school year.

Doak proposed teaching the course as an option for juniors who have already taken Discrete Math and need another math course for their senior year. It is a graduation requirement that students take four years of Mathematics, but the only option past Discrete Math previously had been a paid course at the University of Louisville, for which college credit isn’t guaranteed.

There are currently two juniors taking Discrete Math who would benefit from taking Linear Algebra next year. It is recommended that students have previously taken Calculus AB or BC before enrolling in Linear Algebra, but they may be taken at the same time.

“Their main concern was that they would have to go to U of L and pay to take a course they may not get credit for,” Mr. Doak said in the March SBDM meeting.

Linear Algebra’s official course code will be Advanced Topics and Mathematics, but Mr. Doak plans to structure the class towards Linear Algebra with a focus on applied sciences, math, and engineering.