Manual students accepted into GSP and GSA


Brennan Tucker

Twenty-four Manual juniors were accepted into the Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) and twenty-five were accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA) for this coming summer.

1,700 sophomores and juniors applied to GSA, which accepts 223 students, and over a thousand attend governor’s scholar each summer, according to Ms. Amy Medley (Counselor).

GSP, a five-week “summer residential program,” has three different sessions that students attend and are assigned to after being accepted to the program. The sessions take place at three different college campuses (Bellarmine University, Morehead State University and Murray State University) and begin at staggered times between June 15 and June 22.

GSA is a three-week program similar to GSP. However, students focus on specific areas of the arts and take courses for their area. GSA also only has one session, which will take place at Centre College starting on June 22.

“Obviously, they’re very different. GSP is… heavy on academics and scholarship. The students who are chosen for that attend based on an application that includes test scores and GPA and teacher recommendations and an essay that they write,” said Ms. Medley. “GSA is based on an audition in an area of their artistic preference.”

Brady Ekman (11) was accepted into GSP for this upcoming summer.  “I just thought it would be fun to experience because I’ve heard from everyone who has gone that it is great. Also, I would love to get the scholarships to in state schools that GSP offers,” said Ekman. “I’m just excited for the new experience. In addition,  I’m happy that I actually have something to do this summer besides sitting at home.”

David Farsetti (11) was accepted into GSA as a flutist. “I was incredibly shocked, since I knew of so many flute players that were just as talented that auditioned. I had heard about the doors that GSA could open in regards to college… I thought that I should try and take advantage of the opportunities that GSA offered,” said Farsetti. “ I think what I’ll enjoy most is being completely surrounded by other students who are just as dedicated to and serious about their art form as I am.”