Senior Soakers 2014


Brent Wesley

Senior classes in almost every high school across the country have quirky little traditions and customs. Many years ago, the senior class at Manual decided to adopt Senior Soakers as an annual tradition.

The game is quite simple and has really made a splash in the senior class these past couple of years. Here’s how it starts:

The entry fee is $5.

Upon entry after spring break, “The Commissioner,” Mack House, will randomly place each contestant in the draw.

Once the draw is complete, you will be assigned a target.

Here’s the trick: While you’re stalking your target, someone else will undoubtedly be following your every move as well.

Once you’ve soaked your initial target, you will then be assigned their target and so on. It is in this way that the game will move itself until there is only one contestant left standing.

As of May, 7th, there are 10 people left in the competition.