Class of 2015 officers announced


Margo Morton

Left to right: Mahkalya Sanders, Shai-ann Vera, Andi Dahmer, Michael Chou, Ali Davis, and Sarah Taheri.

The Class of 2015 officers for the 2014-2015 school year were announced today. The slate includes Andi Dahmer (YPAS) as President, Michael Chou (VA) as Vice President, Mahkayla Sanders (HSU) as Secretary,  Ali Davis (MST) as treasurer, Sarah Taheri (HSU) as Historian, and Shai-ann Vera (MST) as Parliamentarian.

The winning slate received 51% of the vote, according to class sponsor Ms. Walsh. Lekha Devara’s slate received 27% of the vote and Brady Ekman’s received 22%.

The slate’s campaign video can be seen here.