Dr. Darif announces his retirement


Farren Vaughan

Dr. Darif (Science) explains why he is retiring. photo by Margo Morton

Dr. Craig Darif (Science) will end his 22-year teaching career by retiring at the end of the school year.

“It’s been a real recent decision, because it’s just time,” said Dr. Darif. “People have asked me “Is there something wrong that makes you wanna leave?” and the answer is no. It’s just that time in my life.”

Dr. Darif has taught Advanced and AP Chemistry at Manual for 11 years. Before coming to Manual, Dr. Darif taught at Ballard for 11 years.

Dr. Darif said he wants to travel after retirement, but also wants spend time at home.

“I hope to travel some. That’s the big thing. After that, there’s always stuff to do on the house,” said Dr. Darif. “But the big thing I hope to do is travel somewhere.”

“I’m really going to miss dealing with the students, no doubt,” he said.