Male students protest principal’s actions at JCPS HQ


Brandon Schadt, Male High School class of 1998, protests with a group of about 30 students. Photo by Sarah Anderson

Farren Vaughan


Brandon Schadt, Male High School class of 1998, protests with a group of about 30 students. photo by Sarah Anderson

Male High School students protested the actions of Male principal Mr. David Mike and other administrators at the corner of Newburg and Bishop Road outside the JCPS VanHoose Education Center on Friday after school.

Approximately thirty people, mostly students, held signs supporting Male, shouted phrases like “Save Male High,” and marched around the VanHoose building. Dozens of cars and trucks driving past honked in support.

Mr. Mike has been accused by both students and parents of helping students cheat on the ACT Compass test, threatening to cut staff, and unlawfully closing an SBDM meeting.

“Overall, Mike’s just not a good principal. He doesn’t support our tradition,”  said Isaiah Redd, a junior at Male.

Several adults protested alongside the students.

“My son wasn’t even able to come today, but I’m here because I believe in it that strongly. [Mr. Mike] is a bully, he’s a liar, and that’s not something I’ve ever tried  to teach my kids,” said Sandy Shipley, the parent of a Male senior. “Think about it. These kids are here on a holiday weekend. They believe in their school, they believe in the teachers that should be there and the principal should not.”

“Male High School has been preaching integrity to these kids. The reason this is happening is the kids had the integrity to do the right thing and challenge the alleged actions of two first year administrators,” said Brandon Schadt, a 1998 Male alumnus and current substitute teacher.

“The ultimate hope is that everyone would see that the allegations are true and that he would be removed,” said Tanya Newton, the parent of a Male senior.