Enrichments: J&C Edition


Peter Champelli

One of the best things about a diverse, large school like duPont Manual is the after-school clubs. There are clubs for everything, from chess to German minigolf. This series will venture into each club at Manual, three at a time.

Before this installment, some J&C lingo:

‘Staffer’ = Person on staff. Has more responsibilities than clubber; puts the final publication together.

‘Clubber’ = Person not on staff; primarily comes to club meetings on Wednesdays. Associated with ‘Freshman’.

‘EIC’ = Editor-in-Chief; person in charge. This person is in charge of clubbers, staffers, and the publication as a whole.


One Blue Wall

One Blue Wall from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

Managing Editor Olivia Millar (10,J&C) describes Manual’s literary magazine, One Blue Wall. This staff meets on Wednesdays as a club and during school hours as a class to produce the magazine. Talk to Ms. Ritchie or visit room 253 if you are interested in writing, designing, or just helping produce this creative writing collection!


The Crimson Record

The Crimson Record from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

Join Taylor Browning (12, J&C) and her staff as they work to bring the student body The Crimson Record newspaper. The Crimson Record meets both as a staff and as a club, nearly every Wednesday of the year from 3 – 5 pm. See the staff adviser Ms. Ritchie in room 253 for more information!


The Crimson

The Crimson from duPont Manual on Vimeo.

See the process and mechanics of creating the 300+ page yearbook, the Crimson. Managing Editor Ashley Burkett (12, J&C) tells of the amount of work that goes into such a publication, the lengths of their meetings and the responsibilities that come with being a staffer for the yearbook. Visit Ms. Palmer in room 251 if you’re interested in joining the collection of writers, designers and reporters to create this publication!

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