PRP audit report shows Mayes had little involvement in scandal


Ian Johnson

Records released from the recent Pleasure Ridge Park High School audit show that Manual principal Jerry Mayes owed $300 to the school where he served under then-principal David Johnson.

Most of the money owed was from a state baseball championship ring, a gift from the L.G. Balfour Company, which has a contract with JCPS to sell class rings at district high schools.

“I knew nothing about it,” said Mayes. “In September, a guy from Balfour walked in and said ‘I’ve got a surprise for you,’ and handed me a ring.”

The ring was ordered without Mayes’ knowledge, after he had taken the position at Manual, and was a gift from Balfour, according to Mayes.

“It was bad to be involved, but it was a good learning experience. Now I question everything that could possibly violate the school’s rules.”

Mayes has since returned the ring.

Mayes and other PRP faculty were present on a 2012 conference trip to New Orleans,

where Johnson spent and was reimbursed over the limit allowed by JCPS on transportation and meals.

Mayes and other faculty, including teachers Mary Dunn and Susan Webb, had to repay the district amounts of $50 and $25, respectively.

Johnson, who spent nearly $12,000 of school funds on luxury vacations and other accommodations according to the 170-page report, announced his retirement earlier this month.