Senior Wisdom: Danielle Dorsey


Mesa Serikali

Dorsey, Danielleedit

Name: Danielle Dorsey

Magnet: J&C

Memorable moments at Manual?  Freshman year; the spirit was crazy, the atmosphere was better, and everyone had school spirit!

What are your plans after graduation? I’m majoring in Broadcast at Western Kentucky University.
3 things you learned at Manual:
1) Get involved, join sports teams, and clubs
2) Always strive to be the best, and perform with academic integrity
3) Dont procrastinate…study!

“Back in my day…”  Back in my day at Manual High School we were allowed to wear yoga pants.

Any regrets? Plenty, but that’s life, and you should keep moving forward

Advice for next year’s seniors? Keep the Manual spirit going, try to get involved, encourage the underclassmen to get involved, and keep a strong student section, because that’s what Manual is all about.