Late senior dismissal

Late senior dismissal

Jackson Hull

One of the things that graduating seniors look forward to most every year is being let out of school earlier than the rest of the underclassmen. As seniors, they earned this privilege due to their hard work over the fours years they’ve attended high school. Many seniors at Manual stated that they’ve been looking forward to that since the first day of senior year; however, their wishes of an early last day of school will not come true due to some unforeseen weather this winter.

At the beginning of the school year, on August 20, the last day of school for seniors was set to be on May 29. This is about the time of year when seniors at most schools get out; mid to late May. Due to severe weather in December, January, and February, Manual students were let out of school on eleven different occasions. Most students were thrilled to get out of school for a day at the time, but what they didn’t think about is that those snow days would be tacked on to the end of the year.

“The snow days were great, don’t get me wrong, but now that I’m seeing all my friends at other schools go on vacation before me, a part of me wishes we never had the snow days,” Andrew Wood (12) said.

Even other schools in JCPS are letting their seniors out early. For example, Atherton High School let their seniors out a week early (May 30th) this year.

“Yeah it does kind of suck that even other JCPS schools are getting out earlier than us but it’s one minor annoyance. I’d still much rather go to Manual than any other school, even if it means we get out a little later than everyone else,” Dan Cobourn (12) said.

The students are now set to get out of school on June 6, two days later than the original date. JCPS hopes to avoid this problem next year by adding more make up days throughout the year, as opposed to adding them all at once at the end of the year.