OPINION: Why high school seniors should vote


Chase Cannon


Whether you are 18 and already eligible or you will be when the election comes around, everyone should register to vote. But many say that voting doesn’t really matter or one person not voting doesn’t make a difference in the long run. But I firmly believe that voting is an important part about being a citizen of this country.

Just having the right to vote is an important part of our government, many people in other countries don’t have the right to vote, they just have to live with what powerful people choose to run their countries. People rebel against their countries to try to earn their right to vote in their countries. Without the right to vote, America would be a very different country.

In louisville’s 9th Metro Council District, less than 33 percent of people showed up to vote. Imagine if 100 or 90 percent voted, that could drastically change the outcome of the election. This number dropped from 40 percent in 2010, if it keeps dropping, future elections could be drastically affected.

Whether or not you vote, you can’t say that voting as a people is not important. Voting is the way that every powerful government official in our country is where they are. If you don’t vote, you are demonstrating to younger people who, in seeing that you don’t care to vote, may think that they shouldn’t vote either. By voting, you are demonstrating your concern for the next generation of people.

Voting gives you a voice in government. Even if the candidate you vote for losses, you still made your voice heard, regardless of the outcome.