Manual damaged in thunderstorm

Manual damaged in thunderstorm

Farren Vaughan

Lightning struck Manual on Sunday, July 13, causing damage to the iconic tower structure. Chunks of debris punched holes in the roof, letting in water from the storm. Among the classrooms affected were those used by Ms. Robin Cash (Family Consumer Science), Ms. Laura Spiegelhalter (Family Consumer Science), Ms. Rebecca Donahoe (English) and Ms. Allison Hunt (Social Studies).

“I went to Ms. Finley’s room and you can see (roof) damage right there: it’s through the ceiling, through the insulation. Debris came crashing down into Cash’s room,” said Mr. Jerry Mayes (Principal). “We’re working on getting this fixed before school starts.”

Manual’s custodians and administrators are working with engineers and insurance contractors to assess the damage.

“This just a glitch on the screen,” said Mr. Mayes. “Everything’s great, I don’t see this as a problem. I always try to think of something positive. Now we’re the only school in the district with a sun roof!”

manual damage
Contractors assess the damage from a crane. Photo courtesy of Mr. James Miller
Ms. Cash’s room is damaged the most, with holes in the roof, letting in debris and water damage. Photo courtesy of Mr. James Miller
Manual’s iconic tower was struck, causing chunks of sandstone from the original 1930s construction to crash onto the roof. Photo courtesy of Mr. James Miller
Heavy debris rests on roof holes above third floor center hall. Custodians and JCPS safety officials said the roof could give way, allowing the remaining debris to fall into the building and possibly through the floor, damaging second-floor classrooms. Photo courtesy of Mr. James Miller