Stacey Pendleton leaves Manual for administrative position at Newburg

Stacey Pendleton leaves Manual for administrative position at Newburg

Patrick Smalley

Coach P Crop

AP European History teacher and former girls’ basketball coach Stacy Pendleton left Manual on Tuesday, Aug. 19 for an administrative position at Newburg Middle School.

Citing the new position as a logical advancement in his career, Pendleton will serve as Newburg’s goal clarity coach, which will involve guiding teachers on instructional strategies to use in the classroom.

“Once I got out of coaching, I decided I would go into administration,” Pendleton said. “Newburg is a good school with great kids, so this is a stepping stone for me.”

Under Pendleton’s leadership, Manual’s girls’ basketball team won the 2012 Kentucky state championship, and he served as the debate team sponsor last year.

“Coach P is one of the most caring teachers at Manual,” Anthony Walker (11, HSU) said. “He’s willing to go a long way to help better the lives of his students.”

“Manual is an amazing school,” Pendleton said. “I’ve enjoyed every second here, both in the classroom and on the sidelines. The teachers here are fantastic and the students are amazing. Manual have given me so much more than I’ve given it.”

Mr. Jordan Elliott, who formerly taught at Butler High School, will instruct the AP European History course this year.