Louisville Orchestra director visits YPAS


Margo Morton

The Louisville Orchestra’s new music director, Teddy Abrams, led the YPAS Orchestra class today. The class rehearsed a piece for their upcoming concert on Oct. 1.

“Overall, they were very talented,” Abrams said of the orchestra. “To perform music well is very different than just going out and playing a piece, and they seem very excited about making that commitment to take the piece to the highest level possible.”

YPAS Orchestra teacher Mr. Dan Whisler and Assistant to the Principal Ms. Kathleen Kronauer presented Abrams with a YPAS t-shirt and tote bag at the end of the class.

Photo by Margo Morton.
Photo by Margo Morton.

As Abrams steps into his new role, he has set goals for the orchestra that also include the community.

“The most important thing that we have to do is take the orchestra and of course get them to play their best, but even most importantly is to give the orchestra an opportunity to play for as many people in the Louisville region as possible so that everybody has a chance to hear the orchestra,” Abrams said. “The orchestra belongs to everybody… the more that we can put them in front of people who have never heard great orchestras before, that’s a chance to introduce them to why music is so important to us.”

Students can purchase a “Hall Pass” for $25.00 for general admission to all of the 2014/15 LO Classics, Pops and Music without Borders concerts. More information can be found here.