Art college brings student-designed RV to VA visit


Patrick Smalley

Students visited the Airstream vehicle in the back parking lot. Photo by Patrick Smalley.

The Columbus College of Art and Design visited Manual on Monday, Sept. 29 to meet with prospective art students and show off a student-designed recreational vehicle.

CCAD spokesman Greg Renda presented student-produced photography, video and animation to the VA class of 2017. The centerpiece was the Airstream RV stationed in the back parking lot.

Renda also focused on student life at the university, and he emphasized CCAD’s proximity to downtown Columbus and its small class sizes.

The event was also a venue for promoting the RV itself.

“If you own an Airstream, you’re kind of in an elite club, and you want to show that off,” said Renda. “We want to pick up on a younger, early twenties demographic.”