Fern Creek High School students evacuate after shooting


Ian Johnson

Fern Creek High School students evacuated the school after a lockdown caused by a shooting inside the school that injured one student shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday.

Police later arrested the suspected shooter, a Fern Creek sophomore described as black male wearing a gray hoodie and black sweatpants with a gray stripe down the leg.

The Fern Creek student that was injured in the shooting has two non life-threatening wounds, one in his leg and another in his abdomen, and is currently being treated at University Hospital.

After the shooting took place on the third floor, teachers ordered students to get into classrooms to begin the lockdown. Police searched each student before the school evacuated to the baseball field next to the school.

Student pick-ups were at Fern Creek Park and police loaded bus riders onto each bus from the baseball field next to Fern Creek. Fern Creek Elementary was also on lockdown as a result of the shooting.

“Yeah, me and my friend were leaning up against the lockers on the third floor talking, and there was a group of kids next to us. Two of them were about to fight, and one lifted up his shirt and everyone backed away,” said Dana Turner, a student at the school. “He took something out of his waist and it popped really loud like a gun and everyone ran into the nearest classroom. At first we didn’t think it was a real gun, we all thought it was an Airsoft gun.”