Manual senior creates Biblica Academia Club at Manual


Reagan Roy

Brandon Colbert (12, J&C) founded the new school club Biblica Academia, in which he intends to educate students on both what the Bible says and how it is interpreted.

Colbert founded the club in hopes of creating an environment where people could read the Bible without a religious connotation, and instead for understanding.

“People don’t understand what the Bible is; they hear ‘the Bible’ and they automatically assume ‘Protestant, Catholic, Christian.’” Colbert said.  “The Bible is much more than things of that nature. The bible is poetry. It is history.”

Colbert and his family are rooted deeply into Kingdomland Baptist Church on S. 11th Street, in which his grandfather is a pastor and Colbert himself works as Youth leader and director of choir, volunteerism and community services.

“We are not trying to have a Bible study, we are trying to understand what the Bible is so when you hear something about the Bible you can decipher if it’s true or if it’s just a stereotype,”  Colbert said. “The goal of what we want to happen is a that a religious student of any religion can come and read the Bible and not feel like they are being pressured to change their beliefs.”

The club is open to all members of all religions and ethnicities. The goal is not to stress a certain religion, but to read the Bible from a strictly literary point of view.  The Bible will be the primary focus, several other religions such as Judaism and Islam will be reviewed.

Biblica Academia’s interest meeting is Tuesday, October 28th, from 2:30-3:30. The first meeting will be Tuesday, November 4th, from 2:30-3:30.