Hot Crimson rap battle lyric annotations

“Hot Crimson” rap battle lyric annotations


I’mma do me because Noah do Noah’s part

La’Que will stick to what he does best (rapping) while Noah will do his job, which is filming the video.

Noah knows I’m deep as an ocean, I probably know a shark.

Playing off of Noah’s name,  La’Que is so deep he compares himself to an ocean in which case he could befriend a shark. Also, “know a” is a play-on phrase for “Noah.”

I got my bars memorized and you don’t know your part.

La’Que is such a master at rapping that he can easily memorize what he spits, while Shea , to La’Que, is just a beginner who can’t remember his verse.

You’re in the presence of a beast, this like Noah’s Ark.

Playing off Noah’s name again, La’Que is a beast at rapping- an animal. In the bible story of Noah’s Ark, Noah brought a male and female of every species onto his Ark in order to save them from extinction due to the flood.

They repeating my bars like parrots, Hop on tracks like rabbits and eat them like they a carrot.

La’Que has fans, or followers. His listeners love what he’s saying so much that they sing along, just as some parrots repeat what you say to them. They’re “hopping” on this track because they love it so much. They love the tracks as much as rabbits love carrots.

Life is spinning like a wheel, I ain’t talking about no ferris.

La’Que is so hyped about this track that is seems like his whole life is spinning (but not like a ferris wheel.)

I don’t kill, I just hang with some shooters like Mr. Garrett.

La’Que is no gangbanger, but his old AP Euro teacher Mr. Garrett was a shooter in the military.

I said I’m looking like a jeweler,

La’Que wears so much expensive jewelry, he may as well sell it for a living.

My wrist on freeze like a cooler.

Jewelry with diamonds is often considered “icy” because the diamonds resemble ice. He has so many diamonds, or ice, on his watch that it seems as if he just pulled it out of a cooler.

You young, I’m in the truck, why you riding scooters?

Shea is a mere Junior while La’Que is a Senior. La’Que drives a truck, while Shea can only ride scooters.

You’re a peasant and I am a King, Martin Luther.

La’Que has seniority over Shea. He is like a king, while Shea is only a peasant. Here, La’Que uses play-on words- Martin Luther’s last name was King, and he was a famous civil rights activist.


[Verse 1: Shea]

All right, I’m calling shots out here. Babe Ruth on the track.

Babe Ruth famously called his shot once before hitting a home run.

Gave this dude a head start, but I’m still front of the pack.

Shea gave La’Que a head start by giving him the first verse, but Shea is still ahead in this rap battle.

Why did I get challenged by this crazy-looking wannabe? Goofier than a guy in short shorts and a muscle tee.

Shea doesn’t understand why someone like La’Que would would challenge him. Then Shea proceeds to insult La’Que by joking on his looks, and comparing them to someone who is dressed poorly.

King of the rap game, I don’t have time for this tomfoolery.

Shea is like a King compared to La’Que, who is foolish in his opinion. This links to Shea’s kingliness– and La’Que is just the royal fool.

You look like a B-movie actress with that dumb jewelry.

B-Movie actresses (yes, female actors) are lower-ranked actresses, therefore the don’t make a lot of money, therefore they can’t afford nice jewelry. La’Que refers to his jewelry a lot in his first verse, so Shea is dissing him by calling his jewelry dumb and cheap.

Yeah that’s right son,

Shea calls La’Que his son, he wants La’Que to respect him like a father.

I just kicked your rear and I end lives on the mic, just like your football career.

La’Que is a football player, so Shea is going to end La’Que’s football career just as he ends rappers’ lives. His football career ended when La’Que tore his hamstring.


[Verse 2: La’Que]

Girls feel sorry. Why would I lie? That’s always why they favorite your tweets, but never reply.

Shea tweets a lot of weird, funny stuff. He usually responds to girls’ tweets with something weird/funny. Most of the time, the girls favorite the tweets but don’t reply, as if they don’t want to talk to him, but they would feel bad if they just ignored him, so they favorite his tweet without replying.

And me with these girls, I’m Well like Fargo.

Unlike Shea, girls love me and favorite, as well as reply to my tweets. Wells Fargo is a multinational banking and financial service company. I play on the name by saying I’m Well like Fargo, which is obvious, but Wells Fargo is also doing very well as a company. So the “Well” refers to their name and their status.

And you? Well, you’re obsessed with Jack Harlow…

Jack Harlow is a local rapper at Atherton High School. Shea is a huge fan of him. He tweeted something along the lines of his worst fear is to have to ever battle Jack, so I took shots at him for seeming like a man-fan, and also seeming obsessed with the guy.

And Jack Harlow is a guy, so that would make you a lady.

If Shea is obsessed with a guy, he’s practically a female.

Punch you ‘til your eyes black and blue like Jay’s baby.

You know? Cause Jay’s baby is black, but her name is Blue?

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby’s name is Blue Ivy, and that family is of the African-American race, making Blue Ivy both black and blue.

Zero friends, so forget your “crew,” I’m coming at you.

La’Que is callng Shea out, saying he doesn’t have a group of friends, so La’Que is coming straight for him.

I’m on this track like Bobby Shmurda.

Bobby Shmurda made the original version of this song, titled “Hot Boy.”

You try to hit me, I’m all “steal” like a burglar.

You wonder why I have so many bars? It’s cause I murder rappers– like you.

I’m saying if Shea were to attack me by swinging, it wouldn’t hurt me, as if I were made of steel. I use a homophone “steel/steal” to make wordplay with burglar. I then go on to address the reason I have so many bars. I say it’s because I murder amateurs like Shea. Of course, if you’re found guilty of murder, you go to prison. In other words, “behind BARS.”


[Verse 2: Shea]

What was that? Your raps are softer than a baby’s bottom.

La’Que has been trying to sound hard in his raps, but to Shea, La’Que just comes off as soft, just like a baby’s bottom.

Like you got a lobotomy under a tree during Autumn.

That explains why you’re brain is straight rotting out your skull.

A Lobotomy is a brain surgery, so if La’Que were to get a Lobotomy under a tree during Autumn, leaves would fall into his head. Leaves rot, and so would La’Que’s brain.

You rap like an old lumberjack’s axe– dull.

An old lumberjack will have used his axe so many times, that the blade has dulled down. Shea is saying that La’Que’s raps are overdone.

Roasting you is easier than buying Adderall in the parking lot.

It’s easy for Shea to joke on La’Que, just as it may be easy for some students at other schools to buy Adderall, a type of pill taken to treat ADHD, in the school parking lot.

Showed up to school an hour early to take your parking spot.

Now your car and your rap career are going nowhere,

Playing off of the parking lot line, Shea also gets to school early just to take La’Que’s parking spot. Now, La’Que has nowhere to park, and in Shea’s eyes, La’Que will never get anywhere with his raps.

I’ll roast you so hard that you’re gonna need Obamacare.

La’Que has been burned so badly that he needs medical insurance to pay for his doctor bills.


[Verse 3: La’Que]

This is my institution. I’m evolving, Charles Darwin, evolution.

La’Que is running this song, and he’s only getting better. He’s evolving– evolution is a theory introduced by Charles Darwin.

You got bars, but you don’t got execution.

Shea may have a few good lines, but none are good enough to defeat La’Que.

Make it rain like a lot of “Mayes,” Jerry family reunion.

I’m saying I have so much money, that I can make it rain like a lot of Mays, which, along with April, is a month known for a lot of rainfall. I’m saying my “rain” (money) would equal up to the amount of rain for a lot of Mays together. Also, the principal’s name is Jerry Mayes. At his family reunion, there would of course be a lot of Mayes. So, I play on the month May and his last name, Mayes.

Whoa, did you get that?

Did the listeners understand the word play in that last line?

My flow so sharp, I split that, no, I slice that.

La’Que’s flow is sharp, so sharp that it does more than split, it slices.

I know my flow so cold, but do not bite that.

Hip-hop race, I left you and won’t be right back.

La’Que is leaving Shea in the dust. He also plays on the opposites, left & right.

I got you down on the ground, now can you fight back?

Earlier in the verse, La’Que evolved, so he is now looking down on Shea, ready to fight.

Yeah, I’m flyer than a superhero.

Many superheroes are known for their ability to fly, but La’Que is flyer.

Gettin’ money, you would think I’m pushing kilos.

Beating you is easier than a free-throw,

cause you’re on Chief Keef’s level: zero.

La’Que finds free-throws to be simple, and Chief Keef has a reputation of being a horrible rapper with no talent. Shea is the equivalent to Chief Keef in La’Que’s eyes.


[Verse 3: Shea]

You’re about to get it one last time with this final verse.

Referring to La’Que’s line about Shea not having execution, Shea is ready to execute La’Que with his last verse.

After that they’re gonna have to lay you up in a hearse.

Once La’Que is executed, he will have to be loaded into a hearse and taken to his funeral.

Both you with your rhymes need a nurse to come check your pulse.

Raps are epileptic yeah they make the haters convulse,

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes a person to have repeated seizures. Shea is saying that his raps give his haters epilepsy.

and it may be free but I’m still gonna make you pay.

Everyone at Manual will know this as the day that La’Que Newby got roasted like a cow,

when I ended him with a onomatopoeia– pow!

Shea is once again roasting La’Que. An Onomatopoeia is a word which imitates a sound that something makes. Shea has hit La’Que with his rhymes, and the sound it made was “Pow!”

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