Students participate in Twin Day

Students participate in Twin Day

Amanda Tu

On Oct. 21, students dressed up in pairs and trios for the second day of Red/White week, Twin Day.

Though many students enjoyed the theme, some felt that it fostered a lack of creativity.

“For me the twin day theme is kindly lame because it’s just another costume day except people wear the same costumes as each other, so it’s really like half costume day,” said Seth Thompson (11, MST). “I’m too lazy to plan that kind of thing out and I don’t have classes with many good friends on white days either, so I had no incentive to dress up.”

Additionally, some thought that the twin theme was potentially exclusionary.

“Although I had a lot of fun dressing up with my friend, I personally don’t like the idea of twin day, because it would be very easy for someone to feel left out if they didn’t have a twin that day,” said Vaannila Annadurai (10, MST). “Someone with a small amount of close friends, or someone who generally feels shy may have difficulty finding a twin, or asking someone to be their twin. That person may feel embarrassed or ostracized during twin day, especially when seeing a lot of other people with twins, and that is not at all in the spirit of Red/White Week.”


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