Synapse Episode 7 – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of College


Peter Champelli

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The human brain is made of billions of neurons, cells with long branch-shaped projections that convey electrical and chemical information to power every function of the body. Every neuron works in harmony, but they never physically connect. Instead, two neurons communicate by passing neurotransmitters across tiny gaps between the cells. This structure is known as a synapse.

Our goal is to bridge the synapse that separates every member of the Louisville community.

In the seventh episode of Synapse we venture into the biggest worry of the average teenager: college. Listen to see how an artist, a volunteer and an athlete compare in regard to college applications and our own pursuit of happiness.

Interview help from Olivia Millar and Reagan Roy.

See the full interview with Zunar.

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Theme in G” – Podington Bear
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