Manual Visual Arts seniors host the first gallery of the year titled “The Pulse Beats Red”


Marissa Mitchell

Manual Visual Art (VA) seniors Olivia Knepshield, Sierra Zwenger, Cameron Mader, Yvonne Taylor, Naudica Sermon, Dylan Daves, Alex Reczek and Darius Payne hosted the first senior art gallery of the school year, entitled “The Pulse Beats Red,” on Nov. 18, 2014.

“The Pulse Beats Red” displayed different medias of art created by each of the eight senior so far this year.

To follow the “pulse” theme, the seniors set up a speaker that projected a loud heartbeat.

New galleries will be set up by different groups of seniors in the Visual Arts magnet throughout the school year.

“I think that we were all satisfied with the outcome,” Knepshield said. “I feel that I have gotten to know some great people in my magnet.”

Taylor made the best of her experience.

“The gallery was so much fun because I was with all of my friends, so it made my senior experience more memorable,” Taylor said.

Jennifer Mansfield (12, J&C) attended the gallery, and it was the first time she had attended a  VA gallery opening.

“I feel like it [the art] impacts you more if you know the artist personally. Knowing that you’re in the same grade or class as the artists is interesting and adds a lot to my experience,” Mansfield said.