Environmental Club to host Day of Action

Environmental Club to host Day of Action

Amanda Tu

The Environmental Club will sponsor a Day of Action on Thursday, Nov. 20 in which club members will educate students about the harmful impacts of styrofoam.

Additionally, the club will circulate a petition during lunches calling for a ban on styrofoam lunch trays.

“Styrofoam has devastating impacts on the environment, so spreading the awareness will be helpful, especially for those people who buy school lunches and use Styrofoam on Styrofoam,” said Harsha Paladugu (10, MST).

This project is one of 11 being undertaken by high school and college student members of the Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition (KSEC) on Nov. 20.

“We want to show that our schools and our youth are advocating for a sustainable future,” said Environmental Club Secretary Kayla Soren (11, HSU). “Styrofoam takes billions of years to decompose, and it really never goes away. Every tray you have just gets stuck in a landfill. When something nothing goes away, it means that the land is now unusable.”