Synapse Episode 9 – Erasing Our Future


Peter Champelli

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The human brain is made of billions of neurons, cells with long branch-shaped projections that convey electrical and chemical information to power every function of the body. Every neuron works in harmony, but they never physically connect. Instead, two neurons communicate by passing neurotransmitters across tiny gaps between the cells. This structure is known as a synapse.

Synapse investigates social media and its effect on normal interactions in the real world in their first video episode, “Erasing Our Future.” Listen to Act III of Episode 9 to hear Jack Harlow’s story of social media in his career. The video component of the episode is available on iTunes and Vimeo and the regular episode is available on SoundcloudYoutube and iTunes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on events and episodes!


Clouds Pass Softly Deux,” “Infant,” “Lazy River,” “Podstrings,” “The Mountain” and “Wikileak” – Podington Bear
All This Love” and “Materialize” – Jack Harlow
CGI Snake” and “Divider” – Chris Zabriskie
Orpheus’ Awkwardly Buttoned Duffle Coat” – Ergo Phizmiz
Afternoon in Bed” – The Bats

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Click here for more context on the Watergate scandal discussed in Act II.