Things to buy: Winter Break edition


Patrick Smalley


Reagan’s Picks:

Big Hero 6

Price: $5.50

The latest movie from the Marvel/Disney merger combines the classic elements of both companies into a movie that currently holds a 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Big Hero 6 earned over 20 million dollars at the box office last weekend, beaten only by Mockingjay Part I, the latest installment of the Hunger Games series. Disney Studios has been making a big comeback since the release of Tangled in 2010, and Big Hero 6 looks to continue the trend of success.

Assassins Creed Unity:

Price: $40.00

Assassins Creed Unity is the next installment of a saga that has spanned seven titles. The story follows a new character, Arno Dorin, as he searches for the cause of the French Revolution.  This game, like the other Assassin Creed games portrays a style of combat, parkour and stealth. IGN rated the game as 7.8/10. Copies are available at all local Gamestop retailers.


patrickPatrick’s Picks:

Dota 2:

Price: Free to play

The recent release of Dota 2’s Shifting Snows update gives me a long-awaited excuse to recommend the highly competitive and engaging game that has eaten up 250 hours of my time since September. Dota 2 is a 5 v 5 multiplayer battle arena game that many consider to be developer Valve’s magnum opus. Although new updates have added new characters, cosmetics and game features, the main reason I’m recommending this game is the incredible amount of strategy and adaptability it requires, creating an experience that will exercise your brain just as much as your fingers. The game’s stunning art style also will not disapoint. If you have the time to spare over break and want to try something new, consider picking up Dota 2 for free on Steam.

Make You Better:

Price: Free on Spotify

Alternative folk rock band The Decemberists recently released their first single since 2011’s LP The King is Dead in preparation for their upcoming full length album What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World. The song debuted on Conan and is available on Spotify. For those unfamiliar with the band, The Decemberists often litter their songs with literary allegory and may sound familiar to fans of Death Cab for Cutie.

Europa Universalis 4:

Price: $20, can be purchased on sale for up to $75% off

With the coming of the numerous holiday sales hosted by digital distribution platforms like Steam and Green Man Gaming, people who are at a loss as to what ask for this Christmas would do well to consider Europa Universalis 4, which went on sale for upwards of 75% off last year. The game, which I consider to be the best released all last school year, is part of the grand strategy genre of games which stresses strategic micromanagement of a historical nation in an open world. When a game with this assurance of quality goes on sale for less than $5, normally I would not hesitate to recommend it–however, the game does have an immense difficulty curve. If you have time to learn the mechanics, EU4 is a fantastic investment.



Haeli’s Picks:

The Babadook:

Price: $5.50

This new film, directed by Jennifer Kent, is bound to become a horror classic. With an impressive 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is certainly becoming a hit amongst audiences. The movie centers around the story of a widowed mother and her child as they are terrorized by an apparently fictional figure called the Babadook.

A Christmas Carol

Price: $25-$65

Get into the holiday spirit by watching the classic story of Ebenezer Scrooge and his life-changing journey play out on stage. Actors Theatre, home to other popular shows such as Dracula, has performed A Christmas Carol for many years.