Capture the flag comes to Manual


Spencer Kincaid

Manual’s Ben Eastman (12, HSU), Johnross Gribbins (12, HSU), Alex Reczek (12, VA) and Jacob FInke (11, HSU) founded the new Capture the Flag Club, and held an informational meeting on Friday, March 13 after school in sponsor Ms. Erica Cooper’s (English) room.

The four students decided they wanted to start a Capture the Flag club last Summer, and have waited until the warm Spring weather came around to begin and bring students together for the popular outdoor activity. (Capture the Flag rules and how-to here).

“We played it a lot when we were kids we decided that is the game we wanted to start as a club,” club captain Eastman said. “I like that it is active but it’s not serious. It’s as much of an active club as it is a social club.”

At the meeting Eastman went over the basic fundamentals of Capture the Flag and announced when and where the club will meet and play. Photo by Spencer Kincaid

Eastman led the informational meeting, and announced that the club will meet every Thursday in Cooper’s room after school (rm 212). The club will then carpool to University of Louisville’s Triangle Park (2221 S. 4th St.) and play two to three games. Each meeting will end between 3:30 and four p.m. In addition, Eastman stated that members should wear proper active wear and shoes for the club, as well as bring water.

“(Principal Gerald Mayes) didn’t know what Capture the Flag was so I had to explain it to him and he was like ‘alright, sounds good,'” Eastman said.

The club uses their Twitter page @ManualCapture to make announcements, to keep in touch with members etc. Their first official meeting and play will be net Friday, March 20.Untitled