Uncovering “Unearthed”


The display set up for the gallery.

Marissa Mitchell

On April 15, nine Visual Art seniors put on the fourth senior art show of this year, titled “Unearthed.” Shelby Mattingly, Mumu Lin, Michael Crawford, Sera Waters, Alma Martinez, Danielle Bartley, Casey Hoke, Lilia Conklin and Hugh Hoagland displayed their art for schoolmates, teachers, friends and family to see.

Provided are photos of their artwork:

The artists were pleased with how the show turned out.

“It’s a huge success, it was everything we planned for and we got it done in a short amount of time,” Bartley said.

“I’m so happy. It’s exactly how I imagined it to be,” Waters (12, VA).

Hoke explained how the show got the name “Unearthed.”

“Sera Waters proposed that we do a cave theme. We had a couple of other ideas, such as a Northern Lights theme, but we thought that we could do a lot more with the space,” Hoke said, “The title is nine letters long, and there are nine artists in our show. Also, the title has the word ‘art’ right in the middle.”