Things to Buy: 4/17


Patrick Smalley

Going Clear:

Price: Free for HBO subscribers

Director Alex Gibney’s new exposé on Scientology has received critical praise for its gripping narrative design. Highly informative for those relatively unaware of Scientology’s history or tenants, the documentary proves incredibly shocking, and is an excellent choice for those who previously identified Scientology as a relatively innocuous and minor cult. The film does a superb job of advancing its thesis that the religion should not benefit from tax-exempt status.


Game of Thrones:

Price: Free for HBO subscribers

Last Sunday, HBO kicked off the 5th season of one of TV’s most prolific and celebrated series: Game of Thrones. As the series continues to gain mainstream appeal, now is as good a time as any for Manual students who want to get into the series to finally take the plunge. With Sunday’s “The Wars To Come” upholding the same high standards that the series has become known for, Season 5 of Game of Thrones comes with my stamp of approval, although I wouldn’t recommend watching it with your parents.


Pegasus Pin

Price: $5

This Saturday, Thunder Over Louisville will be kicking off the 2015 Kentucky Derby Festival. There are many upcoming KDF events such as Fest-A-Ville, the Chow Wagon, and the Balloon Glow. You can get into these events, and many others, for free with the purchase of the Pegasus Pin.


While We’re Young

Price: Prices vary

This film, directed and written by Noah Baumbach, tells the story of a middle aged couple who befriend a younger couple. Josh (Ben Stiller) is a documentarian who helps Jamie (Adam Driver) in his endeavors to also become a documentarian, while Cordelia (Naomi Watts) deals with watching her friends as they start families and seemingly leave her behind. This film explores the increasing generation gap and the culture of self-interest fostered by younger generations and is definitely a must see.