Manual Alumni Association inducts ten new members to the Hall of Fame


Farren Vaughan

The ten Manual Hall of Fame inductees. Front row (L to R): Wife on behalf of Don Ridge (Class of 1942 1/2), Friends on behalf of Richard Raderer (Class of 1942), Anita Stith Moore (Class of 1968), and Latasha Peterson (Class of 1994). Back row (L to R): David Wheeler (Class of 1964), Raymond “Butch” Lehr (Class of 1966), Robert Foster (Class of 1966), Scott Detrick (Class of 1960), son and daughter on behalf of William Munro (Class of 1945), and Gerald Clark (Class of 1961). Photo by Margo Morton

The Alumni Association inducted ten new members to its Hall of Fame on Sunday, April 19 in a ceremony at the University Club at the University of Louisville.

All the Hall of Fame members are displayed on plaques in Center Hall. Manual graduates are nominated and inducted based on their success as a Manual student, their contribution to the Manual community and success in their career.

The Alumni Association inducts at least ten new members every year. This is the 22nd year the Hall of Fame has held this ceremony.

Alumni Director Mike McDaniel (Class of 1964) said this year featured a bigger variety of inductees.

“We always have some unique people who come in. One thing that was different is that only one person out of the ten really got in on their athletic ability, and that was Latasha Peterson. And even though others participated in athletics, that wasn’t the greatest thing they’ve done in their lives,” said Mr. McDaniel.

Mr. McDaniel also said that when the Alumni Association began inductions in 1994, members were more sports-focused.

“When we first started back in ‘94 it was heavily athletic,” said Mr. McDaniel. “But over the years we’ve tried not to put all the state football players or all the state basketball players in the same class, we try to spread them out a little.”