The Lowdown on Senior Splashdown


Sarah Anderson

One-hundred twenty seniors signed up for the annual Senior Soakers game this year, where participants are assigned targets to “soak” with water. Alton Chancy (12) is the commissioner for this year’s games.

Principal Jerry Mayes ensured that Senior Soakers would remain completely unaffiliated with the school.

“Mayes doesn’t have the jurisdiction to impose any consequences on the basis of Senior Soakers because the game has no school involvement, and cannot take place on school property,” Chancy said.

Mr. Mayes brought concerns to him about how the games got out of hand last year.

“There’s risk, there’s responsibility, but more than anything there’s the opportunity to create lasting memories for this amazing class,” Chancy said.

Participating seniors paid an entry fee of $10. The winner of the games will receive $900 of the collected money and the remaining funds will go towards an after-party once the game has concluded.

The players received their targets Monday afternoon. Since the official start of the games at midnight on Tuesday, participants had to keep an eye out for their “hunter.”

“This is more stressful than college essays,” Daniel Segal (12) said. “I got a picture from my mom of [my hunter’s] car outside my house, and I thought about how even my own home isn’t safe.”

Make sure to check here at the end of each round for an updated list of eliminated players.