Three Manual teachers retire at end of school year

Three Manual teachers retire at end of school year

Patrick Smalley

Albright (top right) and Hall (bottom left) were featured in the 1996 Manual yearbook.

Three Manual teachers, Ms. Alice Hall (Science), Mr. John Albright (Science) and Ms. Rosalind McFall (English), are retiring at the end of the 2014-2015 school year.

Herself a Manual alumnus, Hall started out teaching biology in 1991 before she began to instruct chemistry classes.

“I hated chemistry in high school, so I made an effort to incorporate common uses of the discipline in class,” Hall said. “I want chemistry to feel real to my students.”

“[Ms. Hall] was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, so it’s sad to see her go,” Alex Seng (11, HSU) said.

Albright, on the other hand, considers his passion for science to be the characteristic that defined his time at Manual. Originally part of Ballard’s first 1974 graduating class, Albright started working at Manual in 1992, just a year after Hall.

Though he has taught AP Physics in recent years, Albright began his career teaching Integrated Science to freshmen.

Physics student Julie Kim (11, MST) says that Albright consistently made a habit of helping his students when they needed it.

“I come to his room to talk about physics constantly,” she said.

According to Albright, Manual has changed significantly during his 21-year tenure, most notably with the introduction of block scheduling. He also says that he has, “made a made a lot of friends since I got here. Every class is different, and I could not make you guys up.”

Ms. McFall declined to be interviewed for this story.