Letter from the editors: Introducing RedEye Community


Peter Champelli

This year, more than ever, our publication strives not simply to report the news, but to engage directly in two-way feedback with our audience.

Thus, we are proud to introduce RedEye Community, a forum for local students to publish their creative work on a platform that has a weekly viewership of several thousand, as well as to connect with fellow artists and creators.

We welcome submissions of all kinds–music, photography, satirical writing, videos, multimedia and more–from any student residing in Louisville, particularly those who attend Manual High School. These submissions can be the product of personal projects, group collaborations–even repurposed school assignments.

If you have an existing body of work that you wish to send us for publication, please email it in an acceptable file format (Word Documents, Google Documents, JPEGs, PNGs, GIFs, MOVs or YouTube/Vimeo links) to [email protected]. We will evaluate your work based on our staff’s core quality standards, and we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

If you would like to submit content, but are still in the process of developing your work (or if you’re not sure in what format to send your submission), you can also email us your preliminary ideas for feedback and assistance.

Also keep in mind that if you would like to publish your creative writing or artwork, you should send your submission to One Blue Wall, Manual’s award-winning literary magazine.

Please keep your eye out for our first RedEye Community post tomorrow at noon, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We thoroughly look forward to reading and sharing your work.

The Manual RedEye Editorial Board