R/W Week: Magnets at Male


Amanda Tu

In the spirit of the Old Rivalry, RedEye got in touch with five Male High School students whose interests correspond with the five magnet specialties at Manual. Hear their stories below.

The Athlete (HSU counterpart):

Male senior Taylor Childress is a varsity softball player. According to Childress, learning how to balance team practices and games with her academic commitments has taught her essential time management skills.

The Math/Science Specialist (MST counterpart):

Male senior Ethan Britt has a strong passion for STEM fields, particularly mathematics. He has won a science award from the University of Rochester and has won the Male math department’s student award three years in a row. According to Britt, he realized his talent in mathematics, “going into high school with Algebra II and Pre-Calculus and realizing that working with numbers came really naturally.”

The Writer (J&C counterpart):

Laura Will is a junior at Male who loves to write. Will got an early start with writing, keeping a personal journal with a log of daily activities since a young age. Her poetry has been published in Male’s literary magazine.

The Artist (VA counterpart):

Male sophomore Taylor Wortham is passionate about art. Inspired by his mother, who is a watercolor painter, Wortham shares his works publicly on Instagram.

The Musician (YPAS counterpart):

Nolan Bridges is a sophomore at Male and a singer in his school’s acapella group, Bulldog Beats. Bridges got his start in music after he joined his middle school chorus.

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