Manual students design school-specific Snapchat filters


Kaylee Arnett

Snapchat selected geofilters designed by Manual students Camden Huff (11, J&C) and Caroline Medley (12, J&C) to go live on their app earlier this month.

Geofilters are Snapchat filters that are specific to particular locations. Louisville already has several geofilters, but Manual did not have a school-specific filter until the two students decided to design their own.

“I looked it up and found that it was really easy to submit one of your own,” Medley said. “They had templates, and you could draw on the map where you wanted it. So I sat and drew a bunch of them. I had pages and pages of them in my car; it was something that I became borderline infatuated with.”

The popular social media app allows anyone to design and submit their own filters, which are laid over pictures taken on Snapchat, so long as they adhere to specific design criteria. Designers select a certain region on a map where the geofilter can be used.

Some other JCPS schools, such as Atherton and Male, have geofilters too.

“It’s cool that everybody is using something that I designed and put time into on their pictures,” Huff said.

Anyone on the school campus can use the Manual-specific filters by allowing Snapchat to access their location, taking a photo within the app and swiping right to select the geofilter of choice.