Manual AM: Senior Superlatives


Peter Champelli

In their Jan. 15 broadcast, Manual AM reported on students’ responses to the restrictions on Mall St. Matthews and announced this year’s Senior Superlatives.

Most spirited: Caroline Medley and Chris Gambert
Most likely to be president: Jahné Brown and Jacob Finke
Best smile: Tejah Moore and Henry Owen
Class clown: Jasmine Todd and Minoru Chou
Most athletic: Labreea Hall and Eric Niemann
Most likely to be a reality TV star: Molly Schuster and Carter Hermann
Best social media: Natalie Culver and Zack Aslan
Best dressed: Riley Head and Elliot Roman
Most likely to silently take over the world: Shea Dobson and Shravan Ravishankar
Most talented: Mahalia Smith and Chris Mikos
Biggest transformation from freshman year to senior year: Brennan Tucker and Graham Christian
Biggest flirt: Mia Thompson and Michael Lenihan