Assistant principal Mr. Darryl Farmer reflects on tenure at Manual


Fons Cervera

Assistant principal Mr. Darryl Farmer accepted a new job as the principal of Ramsey Middle School on Thursday, Feb. 25, where he will begin his position next Monday.

“You’re gonna miss Manual. If you know Manual, you’re going to miss the spirit, the kids and their drive, the staff and their enthusiasm, the leadership team that wants to take charge,” Farmer said, reflecting on his time at the school. “It’s just a warm, great place, and it’s been a fun place to work.”

Farmer said that he believes his experience working with high school students will directly inform his transition to leading a middle school.

“When you’re in education, you’ve got things that are going to transfer,” he said. “You’re going to find those kids in elementary school or middle school or high school. The things that we work with and contend with are still going to be there.”

Farmer said that he wasn’t yet sure what the process would be for naming his replacement.