Sophomore musical theatre students perform in class workshop


Photo by Fons Cervera

Nikhil Warrier

Photo by Fons Cervera
YPAS’ sophomore musical theatre majors take the stage for their workshop performance on Wednesday, April 20. Photo by Fons Cervera.

Sophomore musical theatre students recently closed their grade’s workshop performance on Wednesday, April 20. The show took the form of a chronological timeline of famous musical theatre songs, including “On My Own” from “Les Miserables” and “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.”

Mr. Tim Murner (Musical Theatre) served as one of the show’s coordinators, working with the sophomore class since January to produce the performance.

According to Murner, the tenth graders began their preparation by extensively studying the general history of musical theatre, before closely honing in on a specific time period in the genre to research exhaustively.

“I thought the show was a great success,” Murner said. “Not only are the students learning material from way back when, but they also get an opportunity to perform.”

Ro’Dijett Jones (10, YPAS) was one of the many performers featured in the workshop.

“I think [the performance] turned out excellent,” Jones said. “Everybody remembered everything, and it was just amazing. My favorite part of all of this was I got to make the audience happy and make them smile.”

Photo by Fons Cervera
Photo by Fons Cervera.

Kate Barnett (10, YPAS), who also participated in the sophomore showcase, said that she appreciated the opportunity to develop a more commanding stage presence through involvement with the production.

“We spent six weeks [on this show]—starting at the beginning learning the music, then the dance moves, and then we learned the acting part of it and put it all together and went from there,” Barnett said. “I learned how to be more confident on stage.”

Chris Mikos (12, YPAS) had the chance to attend the performance on Wednesday morning and said that he appreciated the show’s wide scope.

“I loved the production because it featured a lot of different shows,” he said. “It featured everyone—everyone got a little spotlight which was very nice.”