Photography II class presents “Definitely Touch the Art” gallery


Photo by Haeli Spears.

Haeli Spears

Photo by Haeli Spears.
Photo by Haeli Spears.

Manual’s Photography II class presented their year-end photo show entitled “Definitely Touch the Art” on Thursday, May 5 in the Norma E. Brown Gallery.

Mr. Wes Curtis (Visual Art) said that the show’s theme carries both literal and metaphorical meaning.

“[The students] thought it was neat to think that maybe the work would touch you or speak to you in some sort of way,” Curtis said. “They interpreted it a little more literally with letters they have on the wall where they’re encouraging you … to spell out whatever.”

Featured photographer Maria Martinez (12, HSU) employed varied texture and form in her art pieces to connect with the gallery’s theme.

“I scratched off the emission on the photo paper for two of my pictures … there’s a texture on it, so if you were to touch the art, you would feel it,” she said. “The panoramas stick out, so that’s kinda like, definitely touch the art.”

Fellow artist Gwynn LaBeau (12, VA) was inspired by the motif of bubbles in many of her photos.

“A lot of mine are just like fun and bubbly, and there’s actual bubbles in the photos,” LaBeau said. “I just like making this art. I want to make people laugh and feel good, nothing really too serious.”

Lydia Mason (11, MST), who attended the gallery opening, said that she was intrigued by the show’s unique concept.

“The idea of ‘Definitely Touch the Art’ was very intriguing and so different,” Mason said. “I definitely enjoyed it. I felt like the interactive aspect of it made it more engaging and interesting.”