Hillary Clinton speaks at Louisville rally


Photo by Fons Cervera.

Fons Cervera

Photo by Fons Cervera.
Hillary Clinton takes the microphone on stage at Slugger Field. Photo by Fons Cervera.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke on May 10 at a rally at Louisville’s Slugger Field.

Kayla Soren (12, HSU), one of several attendees from Manual, said that she chose to hear Clinton speak in order to make a more informed voting decision.

“I went to the rally to help me decide on whom I was voting for in the primaries since I went to Bernie’s rally as well,” she said. “I was already leaning toward Hillary before the rally, but the rally affirmed my decision to vote for her due to the fact that she appeared much more knowledgeable and had a plan for action. I was most impressed by Hillary’s eloquence, warrants, and firmness in her speech. I’m so excited to vote for the first time, and I will be voting for Hillary.”

Emilee McCubbins (12, HSU) also said that she will be voting for Clinton in Kentucky’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, May 17.

A supporter at the Clinton rally takes video of Clinton. Photo by Fons Cervera.
A Clinton supporter captures a moment from the rally on his phone. Photo by Fons Cervera.

“Hillary Clinton is the candidate I plan on voting for next week, and I just thought it would really interesting experience to be able to see her in person before I vote for her,” McCubbins said. “I want to be a public official when I grow up just like her and this entire rally just sort of emphasized how much I love it.”

Logan Zell (12, MST), who has attended a number of local political events throughout this election season, was also at the rally on Tuesday night.

“Obviously, I dislike Trump so I’m going to support anyone who is against him,” he said. “I think Hillary Clinton does a lot more to unite the country and has a lot more potential to create a better government.”

The Clinton rally came just five days after her husband spoke at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage last Thursday, May 5.

Kentucky’s Democratic primary elections will take place next Tuesday, May 17 with polling places open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. at locations across the state.

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