Manual students reflect on the first week of school


Nikhil Warrier

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Photo courtesy of Campbell Chandler

Campbell Chandler (9, HSU)

Q: What was the morning of your first day of school like?

A: In the morning I thought I was expecting to not know as many people in my classes because I was the only person that is going to Manual from my middle school.

Q: How did you feel going to your first day of high school?

A: I was a little nervous but once I realized that I knew at least one person in each class I felt better and I got to know more people throughout the day.

Q: How was your first day of high school?

A: I had a good first day and liked the majority of my teachers especially Ms. Robinson. I got to know some of the people in my class.

Q: How do you think your year will pan out?

A: Based on my first day, I expect the year to go well as long as I stay on track with all of my classes. I am also looking forward to the clubs and sports that are coming soon.

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Photo by Fons Cervera

Ali Shackelford (10, J&C)

Q: What was the morning of your first day of school like?

A: I thought to myself, “It is too early for this!”

Q: How did you feel going to your second year of high school? 

A: I was nervous, because freshman year nothing was really hard and I expected everything to be so stressful and intense but it wasn’t.

Q: How was your first day as a sophomore?

A: It was a good day. I really enjoyed Oral Communication/Debate. I like Mr.Miller as a teacher and I had classes with my J&C friends, so that made me calmer.

Q: How do you think your year will pan out?

A: I think it will be fine. AP World History will be hard since I’m not good at AP social studies, but other than that I will do fine. It should be cool.

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Photo courtesy of Aditi Kannan

Aditi Kannan (11, VA)

Q: What were you expecting on the first day of school?

A: I expected it to go by really fast and people to give me a lot more attention than I normally receive because it was my birthday. But never before in my life had I planned on going to school on my birthday!

Q: What was your first thought when you woke up for school?

A: I thought: oh my god what am I going to do when I see all these people! I don’t usually see so many people on my birthday. I normally hang out with a couple of friends, so I didn’t know if I would be able to interact with more than five people that day!

Q: How did your day pan out?

A: It went by pretty normal. I got a lot more attention from people than I normally do because of my birthday. I went through the normal first day rituals: finding classes, getting lost trying to find my classes, and realizing I’m one year closer to graduating!

Q: What do you expect from this year?

A: I know junior year is the hardest year in high school, especially for Visual Art magnet students like me, and I plan on it being so. But I am going to put forth my best effort so that I can make this year successful!


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Photo by Amanda Tu

Mukund Venkatakrishnan (12,MST)

Q: What were you expecting out of this year?

A: I was expecting senior year to be easier than junior year and that’s just not true at all.

Q: What was your first thought when you woke up for the morning?

A: First thought was complaining about how early it is, but my first real thought was finding out my schedule because I missed registration because I was out of town.

Q: What do you expect for this year?

A: This year’s gonna be a lot of work. College applications and classes are gonna give me a hard time but second semester will be a lot easier.