Crimsons bust the Bears on Brown’s senior night


The Lady Crimsons huddle during a timeout called on the court.

Jade Broderick

The Lady Crimsons Volleyball team faced off against the Brown High School Bears on Browns’ senior night, Tuesday night.

Manual won all three matches played in the game.

The first match was a slim victory of 25-21. The game started off with a very strong back and forth game. Each time one team got a point, the other team managed to comeback to tie up the game. 

The Lady Crimsons huddle during a timeout called on the court.
The Lady Crimsons huddle during a timeout called on the court.

Tim O’Connell, head coach for the Lady Crimsons knew exactly what the problem was for the team during the first match.

“I thought we played better as the night went one,” O’Connell said, “We looked a little rough as first, as much as I hate to say it, we played down to our opponents level.”  

After Manual regrouped and got together for the second match of the game they played more intense and focused on what they needed to do to win.

During the second match Manual lead the entire game and did not let the Bears take the lead or go on a scoring spree at all in the final for the match was 25-16.

Keely Boldin, (21, 11) the libero for Manual said, “We really cliqued as a team [tonight].”

Finally, when it was time for the third match of the game, both Manual and Brown refused to give up without a fight.

After Manual took an early lead of 13-5, the Bears knew the last match would be a hard game to come back and try to win.

Tasia Brown, a senior for the Bears said, “I think we played pretty good, we just didn’t fight as hard as we should of.”

In the end Manual won the final match 25-14, in a hard fought victory.

“We made a few mental mistakes in some key areas,” Gary Dailey, Head coach for Brown said, “but we’re going to come back and have a victory on our next outing.”

The Lady Crimsons will visit Collins this Friday at seven, with the JCVIT tournament following during the long weekend.