Male moves past Manual


Zamborini with a shot on cage.

Jade Broderick

Junior Izzie Zamborini running the ball down the field with a Male player defender her.
Junior Isabella Zamborini running the ball down the field with a Male player defending her.

Wednesday night, the Manual girls’ varsity soccer team faced off against the Lady Bulldogs.

Male shutout Manual with a close score of 1-0. The Crimsons had many attempts at goals, but couldn’t seem to make one.

“We were connecting passes and making runs, but we couldn’t capitalize on our shots. We were doing everything right except for putting the ball in the back of the net,” said Hallie Rodman (5,11).

The game started off hectic with a quick goal by the Lady Bulldogs.

Defense knew what they needed to do to keep that from happening again and they did just that. Goalkeeper Autumn Wilding (55,11) was a big part in that; protecting the net countless times when the ball was too close.

The ball was back and forth across the field throughout the game and offense by Isabella Zamborini (25,11) and Jolene Ballard (2,10) showed out. However, a lack of following up on the ball caused Manual not to get the goal they needed.

“We had really high hopes to go out and beat Male. We just came short because we were having a lot of trouble finishing. We had great team spirit but that just wasn’t enough in the end,” said Camille Chandler (6,11).

On the other hand, The Lady Bulldogs were excited about their win against Manual.

“I think we moved the ball really well and we passed and made some good combinations. We gave it our all we all came in really intense and ready to win,” said Riley Parkey (20,12), a player on Male’s team.

After the tough loss last night, Manual is still hopeful for their next game.

“We will definitely take that horrible feeling and transfer it to our next game. Hopefully we’ll see Male again in the tournament and then our frustration will for sure come out,” said Rodman.

Manual plays their next game on October 3rd against South Oldham at South Oldham at 7:30.