Crimsons bury the Bears on homecoming


Hunter Hartlage

Manual defeated the Butler Bears 28-0 last night, bringing the football team to a 6-0 winning streak.

The Crimsons maintained possession of the ball from the start of the game,  soon after Manuals’ Andre Teague (6, 12) made a touchdown early on in the first quarter with Nick Kopp (9, 11) kicking the extra point, the Crimsons’ powerful defensive line made it impossible for the Bears to gain any ground.

Shortly after the Bears were forced to punt,  Jaelin Carter (11, 12) returned the kick and ran all the way to the end zone for a touchdown.

After another successful kick by Kopp, the score was 14-0 at the end of the first quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, the Crimsons scored two more easy touchdowns, each followed by perfect kicks from Kopp, bringing the score to 28-0.

The Bears kept using the same tactic; rushing the Crimsons, then clustering around them and getting locked up after being blocked ans shut out.

While Kopp for the Crimsons attempted to kick a field goal at the end of the half, the Bears successfully stopped the kick to keep the score at 28-0.

Manual’s wide receiver coach, Preston King said that he thought that the Crimsons’ run game was exceptional in the first half.

“Our run game — in the first half,” he said, “we found it. Hadn’t really had it going in the previous weeks, so it was really going in the first half.”

During the second half of the game things began to take a change.

The energy of the crowd began to lag, and the Bears made a sudden struggle to attempt a comeback, with both their defense and offense making a strong push against the Crimsons, at one point getting as close to the end zone as the five yard line.

Yet, despite the sudden vigor from the Bears, the Crimsons rose to the challenge, and both teams kept the other from scoring for the entire second half of the game.

Butler’s head coach Gary Wheeler said that he was very proud of how his team came back in the second half.

“They didn’t score in the second half, and we didn’t score in the second half,” he said. “Our kids fought back, and they didn’t quit.”

After the game, Carter said that he thought the Crimsons did very well against the Bears.

“It was a good victory,” he said. “This game was just a running game, but it was a pretty good offensive and defensive game.”

The Crimsons will attempt to continue their undefeated season when they go up against the St. Xavier Tigers at St. X next Friday, Oct. 7.