John Yarmuth and Elizabeth Brooks speak to the Young Democrats club


Yarmuth sign models are kept in box before Yarmuth speaks. Photo by Phoebe Monsour.

Phoebe Monsour

John Yarmuth, the U.S. Representative for Kentucky’s 3rd District, spoke to the Young Democrats club in Manual’s auditorium on Thursday, Oct. 6 about what they can do to help with Democratic campaigns.

Elizabeth Cantrell Brooks, the Kentucky State Director for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, spoke before Yarmuth about the importance of voting and how students can get involved in elections.

After the event, some of the students stayed back to assemble Yarmuth lawn signs.

Rose Chancy (12, MST), the president of Young Democrats, is working to redesign the club from weekly discussion based meetings to a group that is more involved in politics.

“We will have more speakers in the future, probably not as high profile ones, but more local representatives that are involved in our communities,” Chancy said.

Fellows from local Clinton campaign came to help at the event.

“I was afraid maybe there wouldn’t be a lot of questions or that people would be shy,” said Matt Sanders, a fellow and Manual alumnus, “there were actually some really thoughtful questions. I thought it went well.”

Alyssa Pfitzer Price (10, HSU), said that the speeches were “mainly for people who are going to vote, but it was still really informative.”

Owen Fitzgerald (11, YPAS), who supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, said that he appreciated Yarmuth and Brooks coming to Manual, though they endorsed Clinton.

Fitzgerald thought they answered his question about voter turnout well.

“I really enjoy being engaged in local politics as well as on a federal level,” Kayla Payne (12, VA), “This was just a great opportunity for me to meet a congressman.”

“I just wish that everybody in the country were as smart and involved as Manual students are,” Yarmuth said.

Students gather around Yarmuth after posing for a photo. Photo by Phoebe Monsour.