WKU protests witnessed by Manual grads


“Love trumps hate” photo by Meaghan Sutton.

Jade Broderick

Anti-Trump protests roiled Western Kentucky University’s campus Wednesday night outside of Pearce Ford Tower, according to several Manual graduates who attend classes at the college.

WKU freshman Meaghan Sutton (J&C, class of 2016) said the protest started around 8:15-8:30.

“When I first saw the protest it was very small,” Sutton said. “I thought, ‘Finally there’s a protest happening!’ But I knew, being on this campus, it was going to get ugly.”

Sutton said that Trump supporters are easily found on campus, and when they encountered the protesters, the two groups exchanged angry words.

According to Sutton, police showed up within an hour to maintain order.

WKU freshman Hannah Wilcutt (J&C, class of 2016) said that police had their batons out and were trying to convince demonstrators to get off the tables in a courtyard near Pearce Ford Tower.

Sheriffs arrested a young woman who was standing in the crowd. College Heights Herald reporter Shantel Pettway (HSU, class of 2013) tweeted this video of the incident:

At least three other students were taken into custody, according to the WKU Herald.

WKU freshman Tahjena Muldrow (YPAS, class of 2016) noticed the protest while going back to her dorm.

“I’m not really sure what was happening. I just walked up after and police were here. I heard people chant ‘Love trumps hate,’ and ‘No justice. No peace,’” Muldrow said.

This post will be updated with additional information.