Renovations of main YPAS building have made progress


Robert Spencer

Contractors work to complete the new second floor hallway. Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. This hallway will connect the front of the building, to the back. Photo by Robert Spencer.

Robbie Spencer

The YPAS renovations that were originally expected to finish on Halloween have now made progress.

Several new infrastructural features have been installed including new LED lighting, air conditioning, and carpet.

Since late September, work crews have successfully renovated the main stage just in time for concerts to begin in the YPAS auditorium.

“The mechanics of the stage aren’t quite finished so we won’t be using those yet.,” YPAS assistant principal Bryan Crady said. 

New seating has also been installed in the auditorium, replacing the old and “dangerous” seats.

Just outside of the auditorium, an elevator has been installed, giving everyone access to the second floor.

A third level, also known as the skywalk, has also been added to the back of the YPAS building.

The skywalk wraps around the back of the building leading to the upstairs dance studio and practice rooms.

“We’ve also installed a new stairwell and elevator connecting the back and front of the building,” Crady said.

This allows grants students access to both sides of the second floor without having to travel through the dance studio.

There is currently no exact date for the completion of the renovations, however, the Auditorium is ready to host YPAS productions for the year.

Renovations are also preparing for the new Guitar magnet expected to be available at YPAS next year.