Senior art show “Intrèpide” opens at Manual


Kaylee Arnett

VA featured nine seniors at the Intrepide art show. Photo by Kaylee Arnett.

The second Visual Arts (VA) magnet senior art show of the 2016-17 school year, “Intrèpide,” opened Thursday, Dec. 8 in the Norma E. Brown gallery. Intrèpide showcased art by Aubrey Draper, Emmaleigh Johnston, Lindsey Kosek, Amy Kim, Sarah Kim, Sophie Moore, Sunny Morris, Elizabeth Price and Samantha Seng.

Throughout the year, Manual puts on about 8 of these showcases.

“The hardest part of putting this art show together was compromising and dealing with the spacing we had. We had a tough time fitting all of our pieces and ending up figuring it out last minute,” said Sophie Moore (12, VA).

Artwork by Manual student is showcased as viewers walk into the gallery. Photo by Kaylee Arnett.

The show followed a French theme and “Intrèpide” was chosen because it means “fearless” in French.

“We started out knowing we wanted to have a rose gold  or gold color and an elegant feel. We really wanted to incorporate flowers into the French theme to create a dainty feel that matched everyone’s personalities,” said Aubrey Draper (12, VA).

Teachers, administrators, and students alike all attend the art shows for varying reasons.

Painting by Manual student is showcased in Intrèpide. Photo by Nikhil Warrier.

“It’s so cool to see how talented people are at Manual, and sometimes you forget because you live your life in your own bubble. I think exposing yourself to what other kids in other magnets do is very important,” said Sarah Biggs (12, HSU).

Assistant Principal Mr. Craig Klingenfus also attended the senior art show and was impressed with the works.

“I would love to see more showcases of students at Manual because there is no other school that comes close to Manual,” said Klingenfus.

The next senior art show date is to be announced.