Senior art show “Quartz” hits Manual rock hard


Kaylee Arnett

On Thursday, Jan. 12, the third senior art show “Quartz” opened in the Norma E. Brown gallery. The show featured work from eight Visual Arts magnet seniors: Emily Davis, Grace Duplessis, Graham Jolly, Lilly Jordan, Simon McClendon, Se Mer, Kayla Payne and Emma Stephens.

Although the art show was a success, it still had some difficult moments in the process.

The theme “Quartz” was chosen for its applicability to all of the seniors’ art.

“You guys must be really close” by Simon McClendon, referring to the question he gets all too often about his sibling. Photo by Kaylee Arnett.

“We were originally going to have another theme, ‘Synesthesia,’ which is a disorder of the senses, but sometime over winter break we decided to sit down as a group and we realized we were having a lot of trouble so we decided to go somewhere else with it. After scrolling through Pinterest someone said ‘Quartz!’ and we decided we were doing that,” Lilly Jordan (12, VA) said.

The senior art show is a culmination of a week or so worth of work in the setup and design of the gallery and multiple years’ worth of work in creating the seniors’ art.

Notebooks around the art show allow visitors to write comments of praise. Photo by Kaylee Arnett. 

“My favorite part is seeing all of the people’s faces and seeing them walk in and react. I haven’t seen the writing in the books, so I’m looking forward to that too. As Long as other people enjoy it, it’s so worth it,” Emily Davis (12, VA) said.

Although all senior art shows have different themes, art and artists, there is a common theme shared: the people viewing the art are always impressed by the outcome of the show.

Art showcased during “Quartz.” Photo by Kaylee Arnett.

“It’s such a good environment and everyone is so supportive and writing stuff down in the artist’s notebook,” Grayson Smith (12, J&C) said. “It’s cool to see everyone’s hard work. All of it’s so good.”

The seniors who participate are allowed to pick any piece that they have worked on during their time at Manual and put it into the show.

“My favorite thing about all of the art shows, in general, is seeing the different styles everyone accumulated over the years and seeing all of their hard work pay off is definitely rewarding even as a viewer,” said Alex Ackerman (12, HSU).

The next senior art show date is to be announced.